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Real positives and negatives reviews from people who tried laser depilation at salons or at home:

I am making laser depilation for a second year, and I am making it everywhere on body, hair on axillas stopped to grow exactly after 3rd or 4th session.There are just some hair left on legs and arms.More painful zone were bikini, to be more precise not bikini, but a little deeper.. I don’’t put laser on maximal power, because otherwise sparkles gets out of eyes because of a pain, thats why i made procedure several times, and step by step killing all unwanted hair. And prices are not suitable as well. Girlfriends successfully made electroepiltation, but this is totally unreal procedure if you dont use analgesics.

I made laser depilation for axillas and bikini zone. First month after session hair didn’t grow at all, and then started a bit, but very small and subtle and delicate. I have done 5 procedures and stopped to shave axillas, there left only 3 hair, and on bikini there are very thin and delicate hair and there are less than it was before. I confess that it is VERY  painfully, even if they put anesthesia cream, which doesn’’t help at all. When you cannot stand it, then they push cold air. It is good that procedure lasts only 20 minutes and then pains switch.

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Weight Loss Pills that work

Which weight loss pills are the best and what are their types? If you are overweight, then such a question is asked more than once. No matter what is your weight, you always dream about slim shape(shaped figure).

Everyone knows that the easiest and safest way to loose weight is healthy food and  balanced diet, exercises, physical activity and good daily rest. loosing weight pills are not the best choice. If you give a favor to tablets, then you should know how they work and what kind of pills you are using.

Ads are promising the incredible results that  you can reach the effect loosing your weight by one month and you will look like supermodel, fat disappears exactly at that places where you want. But we all know that miracles do not happen without loosing weight, alsough it is necessary to employ the muscles. No matter how the product is promoted, or other weight lose pils, looking more closely this pills belongs to one or another group. But it is riscy to use pills wich you don’t know.


Which weight lose pills should use: adwised by doctor, or weight lose pills by nature?

At first, all weight lose pils are devided into a two groups:

-  advised by doctor

- patented (sold without recipe)

Want to know which weight lose pills are better? Remember that the prescribed pills by doctor are clinically tested, tested and promised effect is garanteed. For example, Xenical promises to block 25% fat from each meal and the results have been clinically confirmed by official medical organizations, although  this results are guaranteed by promotional ads. However, this diet  pills are not ideal,  this fat lose pills have a lot f side effects and alsough this pills have unnatural chemical elements. Xenical can give such "extra benefits" as: lichen, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.. However, the prescribed weight loose pills are used in cases where obesity can harm the health and side effects are being monitored and controlled by doctors. And, if there really is no other option, as lose weigh, Xenical is the best choice.

Weight lose  supplements and patented weight lose pills is not the best option for many reasons. In most cases, advertising does not justify itself. Ads  promises a fantastic term results, but most manufacturers advertising promises are note proved with real research. You can’t know what you are buying: real fat burning and metabolism catalysing pills or is it just placebo effect. Another thing that you should worry about is - natural plant components. Natural do not mean harmless! Please pay attention to this. Ephedrine (Each of ephedrine) was the most popular weight losing medicament and was the most popular weight lose drug, But after reserarces was found in  USA was discovered that Ephedrine has harmful effects on the heart and nervous system. Ephedrine was baned, wich  affected the number of deaths.

Weight lose pills are categorized by their mode of action:

  • Fat determination
  • Appetite depressing
  • Fat blocking
  • Stimulating nmetabolism

Burning fat pills.

They can be advised by doctor and natural weight lose pills. Fat burners help the body break down fat. Once the fat leaves the fat cell, it enters the blood and  like acid they are delivered to muscle cells, and here they are burnt. So these weight lose pills helps to fight with fat deposits in the organism. Moust of nutritionists believes that the fat burning drugs are effective only combinating them with regular exercise. Most of this weight lose pills contains the active ingredient as bromelain. However, only bromelain helps to metabolism.  But Bromealin cant reach subcutaneos fat deposits. Many scientists believes that people lose their weight not  much From bromelain as from their imagination.

The appetite depressing pills.

This is another very common and popular weight loosing pills. These pills suppress the urge to eat and stick to the minimum fat intake by eating. They helps to use low-calorie diet. Usually they occur nervous system and can lead to emotional arousal. After a short increasing of energy follows apathy and weekness, alsough physical and emotional deppression. Such diet pills should be adwised by a specialist and only in severe cases of obesity. Using this weight lose pills it schould be combined with physical exercise, other weight lose pills can not be effective. Some of these group drugs have negative effect on the heart and blood - circulatory system, may of them developes psychological addiction, insomnia, nervousness, euphoria, dizziness. This group of high-quality weight lose pills costs $ 100-150 a month course. Moust of these pills contains active ingredient as sibutramine. You schould remember that the appetite depressing pills is not  biological active add, it is medical diet pills wich are prescribed by medician.

Among these diet pilss are found such brands as Phentermine, Meridia, Acomplia and others. The appetite depressing pills are the best known way how to succsessfully fight against the obesity. Their popularity grew even more after Hoodia Gordonii. It is considered the best appetite suppressing pills, but there was no strong researches in effect of this pills, but this diet pills showed high effect.

UniqueHoodia contains 100% Hoodia and is considered to be entirely natural appetite suppresing pills. This is very effective in weight losing pills.
Meridia acts on certain areas of the brain wich are resposible for hunger feeling. Food intake is reduced about in a third. This diet pills promote right eating habits and that’s why they have prolonged effect. People who use this diet pills get used  to low food intake. This contributes  the abdominal contraction. Similarly, the return to normal carbohydrate and fat exchanges, as well as reduce holisterīns. But this diet pils  have many negative side-effects: however weight loss is slow, but  this is enough effective

Fat blocking pill.

This is another type of weight lose pill, which is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness. Among these pills are many good known brands:
Xenical - fat blocking weight lose pills, This pills acts to enzymes wich are responsible for fat absorption. The body do not absorb fat and the fat is excerted out of orgenism. Together with a good diet regime this weight loosing pills helped to many people to loose the excess weight, but he has significant side effects – discomfort feelings in the stomach, diarrhea, inability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients.

Alli - lighter version of Xenical with same side effects as Xenical. Many medicians refuse work with Alli as the best wight lose drug, because it has only mid-effectiveness and a lot of side-effects, which are not mentioned in adwertisments
Chitosan - a very commonly used indegrient in fat blocking pills. There are a lot of weight lose pills wich contains Chitosan,  that promise to block fat efficiently. However, scientific eksperiments showed that effectivnes of that weight lose pils wich contains Chitosan is very week.
Proactol – this weight lose pills efects are similar to Xenical: blocking the fat directly in the stomach. Proactol currently  is leader of weight lose pills. Proactol effect are safe and it help to lose wight gradually, avoiding weight gain as long as you eat something full with fat.

Food substitutes.

Their mission is to replace one or more meals, reducing the total calorie count. These diet pils are usually made like cocktails. This medicament contains an appetite-reducing substances, but the main thing - it contains important aminoacids, proteins and vitamins, to simulate the full feed. These cocktails are low caloried. Usually they replace breakfast or lunch, but diner is wholesome meal, dinner cintains calories wich do not exceed norms. Cocktails should not been  taken longer than recommended by the manufacturer. Cocktails have no side effects, but some one  can be allergic to them. This cocktail benefits are that those little chemical additives and is a good alternative to homogeneous diets such as apple diet, yogurt or other. Used correctly they are effective. But the minus is that its too hard to use this diet. And if you begin to use it with normal food, then your weight will not change in some cases it can grow.

Metabolism stimulating medikaments.

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is fluid clearance from the organism. This can be done with urine stimulating and laxative drugs. These weight lose pills sold like tea or capsule form. But they should not be used for long periods, with the liquid is eliminated, key microelements as potassium, calcium, etc.. Also this pills have temprary effect, because the weight is lost by fluid extraction from body, but fat not. Potassium and water loss can cause weakness, skin deterioration and it can cause heart problems.

There is no ideal weight losing pills, but it is recommend to choose a well-known brands of weight losing pills, which exists for long time and have positive results and feedback. Definitely weight lose pills are very popular and one of the reasons is that they helps to lose weight more quickly and efficiently.

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